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Do you only clean houses?

We not only clean homes, we also do move-out, post construction, offices, building common areas, churches, and party clean up!

Tell me more about move-out cleaning?

We do not accept responsibility when landlords do not return deposits, but we may be able to help. Just ask us!

What is your arrival policy?

We work hard to schedule cleaning times that are convenient for our clients. If you are going to be home when we arrive, we will give you a start time. Please be aware that it has become increasingly difficult due to traffic for us to be precise. We ask you give us a 30-minute grace period before calling.

What happens if I forget about cleaning day?

Cancellations and lockouts will be charged the full price for a regular clean. If we arrive at the scheduled time and we are not granted access or left a key, as arranged, we must charge as if the clean was completed.

What about my valuables?

We do not touch cash, jewelry, wallets, or purses. It is helpful for us if they can be put away prior to our cleaning session. Otherwise, we will clean around them, but will not touch them. We treat expensive art pieces and collectibles similarly.

What about closets?

If you would like for us to vacuum closets, please leave the doors open. We will not open closet doors ourselves as we feel they are a private space.

How do I complain?

If you are not satisfied with your cleaning and you agreed to the time needed, you must call us within 48 hours of the job’s completion so that we can come back and complete whatever is needed to meet your satisfaction. Please remember, if you did not agree to the time needed to complete your priorities, we cannot guarantee your satisfaction.

What is my initial quote based on? What if I need something else?

When we schedule your first clean, we quote you an estimate based on the amount of information you give us. The actual clean can take more or less time, based on your priorities. Your satisfaction can only be guaranteed if we are given the time to meet your requirements. We are flexible and will custom clean for you per your list of priorities. If you need extra cleaning done, please notify us in advance so as to not interfere with the schedules of other clients.

When do I pay you?

Payment is due at the time of service.

Can I refer you?

Referrals from our clients are very important to us. If you refer us to a friend or associate, we will give them a discount on their 1st clean and also give you a discount on a clean as our way of saying thank you.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

A thoughtful gift for that person that needs a little help! A new mom, someone recovering from an illness, or the person who already has everything! Just ask us.

Is there anything you won’t do?

We do not:

Clean outside windows, strip and/or wax floors, wet wash blinds, shampoo or spot clean carpet or upholstery, turn on self cleaning ovens, turn on dishwashers, do laundry or ironing (though we will fold), climb ladders higher than two steps, clean up animal or human feces, empty litter boxes or clean up blood. We also do not babysit or run errands.

Thank you for choosing Angel’s Cleaning Service. We look forward to making your life easier!




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